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One down, many more to go

Posted by hyperspace on 2008.03.27 at 17:03
Northwestern Westchester: The alien Xenoformer and its drones have stripped much of this area. The land is flat and devoid of structures aside from the few holes in the ground where foundations and basements once were and the occasional remaining bit of wall. Some trenches have been dug and the pipes removed; one could use these on approach to remain out of line of sight. This place was recently evacuated by SHIELD and emergency forces. They have fallen back to a safe perimeter deeper in the city, but even their vigilant line is not without gaps. They stand ready to hold the line against the drones and keep the populace safe. Right here, there are no SHIELD soldiers present.

The Xenoformer itself is an impressive sight. It is some fifty metres of slate grey metal, jagged and haphazardly plated. Countless crevices and openings mar the alien machine's surface. A metre-thick cable hangs from the underside of the machine. The cable rests against the ground and extends off into the distance. The irregular and segmented shapes of the cable look quite climbable, if one had a mind to. Strangely, there are no drones in the area. The Xenoformer hovers idly at twenty metres above the ground. A few piles of materials have been stacked up nearby.

Warren had lost patience with the stuttering, slow pace of ... well, nothing had been accomplished, that he knew of ... when he heard the Spires were affecting the atmosphere. They had to do something and they had to do it now. The Spires were too big to tackle with just one or two people, so he'd opted for the smaller Xeno. And he'd come armed. Citizens had taken down the toasters with simple weapons ... bats, pipes and the like. Time to see if such things had any effect on the bigger Xeno. So Warren was wearing his harness, and carrying a bag of items. A wood bat, an aluminum one, bricks, and a couple of cement blocks. He also had a container of sulfuric acid, but he was carrying THAT separately from the rest of the stuff. Asher had opted to come along with and was 'flying' along with Warren.
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Yeah, attacking the atmosphere made Asher not happy camper. He kind of needs that, well, in more than just the obvious ways. So when Angel was getting ready to set out on this little experiment Ash decided to come along. He rode on his motorcycle most of the way out, to conserve his own energy but took flight a little way out from the craft, using the air to hover and push himself along in a less agile manner of flight than his companion uses. "Smashing the hell out of things with bricks and bats...this distinctly reminds me of my youth. Ah memories..." He muses in an amused, lazy manner as they approach to get a first hand look at the ship.
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Trisha approaches along the trench - she has borrowed Stan's hoverboard for the occasion and her wooden sword, though personally she doesn't think a wooden sword's going to do much against the big floating object. Better to stay out of sight for now, for the most part.
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Arrivals through those gaps are few, if any--Rene has come as Ghostflower with one Jackson in tow, and both boys have made it past the line of SHIELD agents. This may either be due to Jackson's lightbending, or simply lack of attentiveness on the part of a section of the barrier. Rene has with him his own sort of weaponry underneath the black cloak, and it is not quite bricks and bats. He and Jackson arrive from the opposite direction as both Angel and Asher; Rene's attention is on the air and the plated facade of the Xenoformer still from afar; though the teenagers are still on the move, it is a pace that grows in carefulness the closer that they get.
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Jackson's eyes are alert as they scan the area, sweeping over the Xenoformer, sweeping over the sky. His only reaction as they get closer is a quiet groan, a hand lifting to scrub at his cheek. "Oh, man," he says with a wrinkle of his nose. "Teachers."

The low rumbling of the Xenoformer's engines is all that can be heard. It pays no apparent attention to the incoming fliers, nor to those on the ground. It just hovers there. In the far distance, one may spot the odd group of drones moving about performing some menial task. At this site, there are none but this massive machine itself. Getting closer, it may be visible that the openings at the underside of the Xenoformer are large enough to fit a vehicle in, or a group of drones at once. With all the sections of thick plating and angled inexplicable rails, it would be a trivial task to clamber up there from the cable. Other openings on the Xenoformer look less promising as points of entry, appearing more as simple overlaps and intersections in a largely random array of armour plating.

Warren glanced over at Asher. "Sadly, back then, you were doing it for shits and giggles. This ... " He shakes his head. "I'm going higher. I doubt dropping this stuff from a short distance will do much damage to those plates." So saying, he started to climb, getting a good five hundred feet or so above the Xeno. Not enough for the stuff he dropped to reach terminal velocity, but certainly enough to do (or so he hoped) some serious damage. As he climbed, he spotted the two figures sneaking in from the other side. "Bloody ... what are those two doing back in town?" He grouses to himself.

Asher smiles to himself, "Like I'm not going to get any S&G out of /this/." As Angel goes up, Asher goes down, lowering himself to the ground near one of the larger openings. He also is, apparently content with talking to himself, "What a hunk of junk. You'd think anything smart enough to build a ship that can travel light-years would have just a little design sense. And speaking of lack of design sense..." His attention has been caught by the approach of Ghostflower and Jackson to which he simply shakes his head before looking back at the ship to examine while he waits for the boys to get closer.

"Bird-man!" Trisha shouts, zooming at high-speed towards him, "Quit that, we need to go inside," she waves with her free hand, one hand holding her sword, which is slung over her shoulder. "The rest of you too! That cable," she jerks her head towards it. Jeez, haven't they seen alien invasion movies before?

Rene catches sight of Angel first--it is hard to miss the big white wings, after all. "Mmm. Both?" His eyes settle on Asher as the man drops, and then his ears catch the voice of Trisha coming out of seemingly nowhere. Rene turns his head from Asher to the direction of Trisha, then Jackson beside him. "Someone had better get Angel down here too." While he says this without hushing himself and with a certain degree of curiosity about what it is that Warren is -doing-, Rene doesn't expect anyone more than those on the lower plane to hear him.

"Yeah. I'm totally gonna have extra homework or something. This is clearly just incentive to make sure the aliens kill me first." Jackson's head tilts in Trisha's direction, his eyebrows raising. "-- I didn't realize we had a commander. I didn't realize we had a team."

Looking closely at the strangely arranged panels along the front and sides of the craft, it can be seen that several of these plates are hinged and those that aren't completely closed reveal numerous heavy turrets, each the size of a moving van and just as square. These are the same types of weapons that the Xenoformer in Los Angeles used to devastate the army. The turrets sit inactive. There is a warmth radiating from them if one flies near them, but aside from that nothing special is going on with this Xenoformer. It makes no move against the gathered persons, even with the shouting that's going on.

Warren had reached into the bag to grab something and drop it when Trisha zoomed by. He gave an exasperated noise. "Trisha. I am not going inside to cower and wait for this thing and it's mama to turn the planet into god knows what. It's been proven the damn things don't react to getting hit by stuff that isn't high explosives or major weaponry. Now if you don't want to help, that's fine, but don't try to stop me, either." So saying, he gets the wood bat out and throws it down at the Xeno, aiming for a gap between the plates, though whether or not the bat will hit the target that accurately with five hundred feet to fall is anyone's guess.

Asher lifts his brows as Trisha starts shouting. He smirks. "Listen here Nancy Drew, as much as I'm sure that you, and by that I mean all of you," he notes, including now Rene and Jax, "want to solve this mystery so that you can rip the alien mask off and have some half-witted villain say 'And I would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids', you're one Great Dane short of the team, so Shaggy, Velma, and -you, I haven't decided if you're Fred or Daphne yet (he side-notes to Rene)- pack up the mystery machine and head on home." That rant should buy Angel plenty of time to do his thing.

"NOT INSIDE, INSIDE THE STUPID XENOFORMER YOU FREAKING DOOF!" Trisha yells at the top of her lungs, pointing down at it, "We go inside and SHUT IT DOWN, or destroy it!" She sounds quite exasperated by this point. "C'mon, it's not hard. It's got big gaping doors. It's like 'come on in, hello. Nice to meet you.'" She angles her hoverboard down and zooms back underneath it.

Rene's eyebrows come together in a less than pleased expression at Asher. His voice comes in a whisper now, and it is directed at Jackson. "Surprise. Also, I'm not sure I like that other one. He's not being very cooperative, is he?" Now his eyes travel back up to Asher, arms crossing in front of his chest. When Trisha zooms her way back around it, he can't help but listen. "Don't go inside yet!" Keyword being -yet-. Ghostflower can only hope that she hears, though.

Jackson flicks a glance towards Asher, his expression devoid of the apology or chagrin that might otherwise be there, at defying orders from a teacher. "Sorry, sir," he offers mildly, but without any further explanation. "-- Rene, I think I'm gonna try and check it out. The robots don't seem to care much." The light of a forcefield blossoms around Jackson, briefly, but then shield and boy both vanish from view as he starts towards the Xenoformer, to try and climb the cable.
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Bonk. The wooden bat bounces off the plating, failing to even make a mark. The bat probably isn't too well-off, though. Fortunately, the Xenoformer's energy shield doesn't engage to repel the blow and the machine doesn't notice it at all. If it had, there would be one less Angel in the sky, given what is known about what the counterpart in LA did to the army. The opening beneath the Xenoformer gives way to a large hangar bay of some kind. It's easy to see inside without actually entering. There are no active drones present inside. However, it does look like there are several devices that would hold drones ready for deployment. Various corridors and tunnels branch out in various directions. Two of them are marked with white lines along the walls. One looks to be horizontal, while the other slopes upward. There are no defensive turrets visible, though with the irregular plating on the inside as well, it could be anyone's guess as to what is behind those walls. For Jackson, the cable is quite easily climbable. With all the irregularity and protrusions, it's not much harder than a schoolyard climbing frame.

Warren made another exasperated noise. "Have you ever heard of security measures, Trisha?" He yells. "For all we know, this thing will fry anyone that steps inside. I don't happen to have a healing factor or force-field to hold attacks at bay, and unless you do, STAY OUT. Send something inside that you won't be upset about it getting trashed." He sighed as the bat doesn't do anything. Ah well, it had been worth the try. He skips the aluminum bat and goes for the bricks, five of them, one after the other, thrown down at the Xeno.

Asher laughs, "Oh yeah...It's got big gaping doors. The thing just screams 'Howdy folks, come on in!' Nevermind the guns and weapons that we all know it has. No, I'm sure you're right...the creators of this thing must have just overlooked the fact that anyone could just walk inside and take it down in minutes. You're so damn smart, you must be a teenager." They aren't listening...this does not surprise him and only encourages him. "If you all are going to insist on being morons and charge inside, lets at least do it some sort of organized fashion, Jackson." He scolds to the now invisible boy with a grumble.

Trisha shakes her head - of course she's not listening. "I'm not one of your students," the girl pushes her glasses up on her nose, tugs her hat down on her head a little, and approaches the doors at a high rate of speed. "So don't expect me to obey you at all. You can stay out here throwing bricks at it if you like. It's not like they're going to 'surprise' me or anything."

Rene offers out a "Be careful and don't do anything silly..." moments before Jackson disappears. He looks toward Asher again, looking somewhat displeased. "I am not charging anywhere, sir. If you would be so kind as to show your concern and wisdom in another way, please do so." His feet lift in a hover from the ground, cloak following as he ascends around a man's height into the air to keep an eye on Trisha as she moves--he keeps his own distance for now. She had some sort of precognition, didn't she? Rene had met her last summer, but he hasn't been able to recall her entire memory until now. "Watch your tail, Trisha."

Jackson is not quite charging, either, although it isn't as if anyone can see this. The boy scales the cable easily, but stops short of actually entering, hanging on outside the doors so that he can peer inside, taking careful note of what he can see. "Not surprise you?" his voice comes from near the entrance, as Trisha approaches. "D'you know something about them we don't?"
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The bricks crack and crumble against the armoured surface. It's like trying to take out a destroyer with, well, bricks. Again, the shield does not engage and the mass drivers don't activate. This thing appears to be very poor at noticing anything that can't do enough damage to cause it to raise the shield. As Trisha enters the hangar, nothing happens. It's vacant. Then there is motion. A small drone pops out of a slot in the wall and slides into a deployment rack. It makes no movement after that. The drone seems to be inactive.

Damn. Warren cusses under his breath and reluctantly abandons the drop idea, circling down to land. "She has a death wish." He grouched at Asher as he let the bag drop to the ground. The container of sulfuric acid, he kept. That might do some good inside. "But she's in. Shall we?"

Asher doesn't know these kids, except for Jackson and Rene's displeasure is met with an amused smirk. "Gladly." He retorts and then nods to Angel when he comes down again. "Or not enough brain cells. But yeah, I suppose we must." Then he too raises from the ground, although looking far less spectacular than Rene being cloak-less and with his arms crossed. He'll move to the opening in his turn.

Trisha tentatively steps off the hoverboard, planting a food on the ground as if to test. Everything seems okay. "This is like something outta Star Wars, only where're all the Storm Troopers? Place looks deserted," she murmurs to herself - the obligatory sci-fi reference.

Rene manages to float to the point of being a few feet from Jackson as he hangs near the doors, and he keeps back while Trisha ventures inside by herself. His eyes follow her to peek into the innards of the Xenoformer, one hand steadying the floating by settling tentatively on the nearest sturdy part of metal. "I'm guessing it is empty because all of the little ones have gone by now." The boy calls inside carefully, trying to pay attention to a million things all at once. He's this close. He's touching it. Aliens. It is all very befuddling.

Trisha doesn't venture inside by herself -- Jackson, quietly, slips inside as well. "You know you're not supposed to say that," he says in a low voice, a wry tone to the disembodied sound. "You'll jinx it or something." His footsteps sound quietly against the floor as he heads further into the hangar. "Any one of these hallways more to your liking?" His voice comes, now, from nearer the white-lined corridor that slopes upward.

The air inside is warm and stuffy. It's perfectly breathable, like a poorly ventilated room in summer. Strips along the tops of the walls provide sufficient lighting to see.

Seeing that Trisha doesn't get fried (or worse), Warren does head inside himself. "Damnfool kid. Next time, be a bit more cautious of your life." Then "Jackson? Stick with her. Asher, Rene, c'mon in. We can hit all the corridors a lot faster if we split into teams."

Asher sets foot down and grumbles a little at the stuffy air. Arms remain crossed as he looks around. "Swell." He replies obligingly to Angel. "Let's keep it moving then."

Trisha glances about, "It does look like this place was built for/by some kind of intelligent life," she comments, pulling a sketchbook out of her backpack. She flips to an open page - a rough diagram of the Xenoformer from the outside. "Just as we suspected," she muses, running down the corridor with the white strip as if regardless for her own safety. "C'mon, this way. This should lead us straight to the spot where the cable connects to the bottom of this thing. I imagine we'll find some kind of control circuit maybe even the aliens themselves there." She dashes forward again, disappearing from sight. Maybe to examine the rest of the ship while they take care of things.

Rene slips inside after the two older men, steps considerably careful and his eyes wide open. He is reluctant to let Trisha suddenly scamper off, but there is little that he can do otherwise. So, he follows in the direction that the girl suggested out loud--the direction of the cable corridor. Before he gets too far, the blonde turns his head to Warren with a thoughtful bend in his brow. "I'm thinking we should forego the splitting up and go where we probably need to go. Your friend here has already pointed out Scooby Doo--and we all know what happens when they split up." Hahahyeah.

Jackson says nothing. He simply follows in the direction Trisha disappeared, the sound of his steps rapid as he heads down the hall.

The hum of the Xenoformer's engines can be heard and felt through the floor and walls. The white-lined corridor continues in roughly a straight line, turning on slight angles every ten metres or so. To either side are several unmarked corridors. There's no sign of Trisha and no knowing which way she went. One of the side openings reveals a room filled with transparent pods. A few unlit consoles sit near these pods. Through the casings can be seen the dusty remnants of what may have once been vaguely humanoid beings. They have been dead for countless eons. While these stasis pods slowed aging to a near-halt, a few million years is enough for extreme age and decay to take their toll.

Warren nodded agreement and headed down the corridor Trisha went down, peering into the corridors as they passed, then he spots the pod-things. "Eww. Well, she was right about there being aliens. Not much left, sad to say." He glances around again, then backs out. "We really are going to have to split up. Jackson, you're with me. Rene, with Asher. Start looking for the connection to that cable."

Rene's scooby comment actually elicits a grin from Asher. "Cheesy 70's music will start playing while we all run between various doors? Yeah, I guess we should all stick together." He follows along down. He stops behind Warren, side-stepping into the room with the chambers in it. Blame the sociologist in him, but the remnants of life spark a greater interest than all the tech of the actual ship. He would have liked to stay longer there, but Warren's suggestion reminds him of the task at hand. So reluctantly he turns back. "Cable, cable..who's got the cable..." He murmurs, waving Rene along.

Rene seems to have stuck with the pod-room as he sees it, entering the doorway with a rather morose look on his face. He doesn't answer Warren right now, either, and fails to follow Asher. "It only takes one set of eyes to find a gigantic cable. ...Give me a moment." Ghostflower slips silently further into the room with the pods now, intent on seeing these passed extraterrestrials a bit closer and possibly examining the unlit panels; a glassy field springs up around him in a quiet attempt to be ready for something or turn heel and run.

"Yessir," Jackson says, his voice very quiet. The teenager reappears inside the pod-room, standing in front of one of the cases, still encased in his glimmering shield, though that drops, too, a moment later. For a little while he doesn't move, blue eyes wide and sad as he looks at what is left of the aliens. His lips move silently. After a moment, his right hand lifts to make the sign of the cross; only then does he turn, head bowed, to follow after Angel.
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The panels are long dead. There are obvious display screens, but no light comes from them. The shapes in dust are all very far gone. It is only that the pods are sealed that they don't waft away as dust in the air. Any features are impossible to make out, and it's only vaguely visible that they might have had two arms, two legs and a head. There are about twenty in this small room, all in rows.

Where Angel and Jackson explore their corridor, it slopes up for a while until reaching a larger chamber. There are many more of these pods lining the walls, each one containing a shape made of dust. In many places are smaller pods, half the size of the others. These also contain dust, perhaps of children or pets. Dead consoles are spread out beneath them. Another corridor leads off from this room.

Along the white-lined corridor, which takes several sharp turns after the first few side openings, there is finally a room of importance. The cable is there, extending up through the floor and into the ceiling. There's an open hatch and an oddly angled ladder leading up to a room above.

Warren moved quietly among the many pods, shaking his head. "Some kind of colonization effort, maybe?" He conjectures. "And the machines, being machines, just kept doing what they were programmed to do, death of their creators be damned." He pointed to the next corridor. "Let's take a look there, and if we don't find anything, head back to rejoin the others." He heads for the other corridor.

Asher doesn't wait for Rene, assuming he'll follow, or not. He moves down the corridor until reaching the room with the cable. He looks up toward the ceiling and, putting his fingers to his mouth, lets out a sharp whistle in order to try and signal to the others before making any attempt at actually doing anything with the cable.

Rene turns to leave a few moments after inspecting the panels and after Jackson does his own duty and departs. Luckily, this only puts him a corner behind Asher when the man lets out his whistle; Rene is beside him inside of the cable room in no time, eyes inspecting the open hatch in the ceiling. The strange angle of the ladder is noted just before blue eyes begin to inspect the cable going into the ceiling as well.

"Looks like something like that," Jackson says, eyes sweeping sadly over the rows of pods that they pass. He starts into the corridor after Warren, pausing briefly at the sound of Asher's whistle. "Sir? Should we --" His gaze flicks in the direction of the sound. Shields shimmer to life, around him and Warren both. Just in case.

Down the next corridor after the larger pod room, it rejoins the white-lined corridor toward the cable room. The cable itself is not joined to the floor or ceiling. It is simply held in place by something in the room above. There are no visible controls or consoles in this room.

"Save the shields for later, Jackson, if they're needed." Warren says. Fortunately, they don't have to turn back, and have soon rejoined Asher and Rene. Warren glances around. "Ok. Now to see if we can figure out how to get this thing off. Or barring that, get a little inventive." He does still have the acid, after all.

Asher looks over as he is joined by the others. "How about starting with finding out where and to what it's connected too?" Warren's wings might be too big to manage the hatch and Ash doesn't want to bother with the oddly angled ladder. "I'll check out the room above. If it's nothing special..hack away." He glances to Rene, "Coming?" He asks as he begins to float upward toward the open hatch himself.

Rene follows behind Asher in his own hover; as the older man rises into the air and towards the open hatch, one of Rene's hands reaches over to settle on the bottommost part of the ladder. "Right behind you."

"Yessir," Jackson says, quietly, and the shields drop. "But then if they are needed suddenly I don't know if I'll be able to get them up quick enough for it to help." He heads towards the ladder, too, lingering at its base, his eyes on Rene. He does not fly. He will need the ladder.
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The room above is much larger and is dominated by a vast metallic globe. Heat radiates from the machine. The cable is clearly attached at the bottom of the device, with a pair of heavy levers attached where it meets the connection. One lever sits on each side, and it would be impossible for one person to reach both at once. There are dead consoles on every wall surface here. This must be some kind of power control room.

Warren chuckled. "I know, Jackson, but if we need to do something other than run for it, we can't, with your shield up. Though I do appreciate the gesture."

Asher steps into the room to give Rene space to come up and then looks around a bit before he calls down, "Well, I'd say this looks like a power, control room type of deal to me. There's two levers here, so give us a chance to try and hit them; maybe it'll disconnect the cable without any damage to it. If anything goes wrong, come up with a way to severe it from there. You'll know by the screaming."

The combination of the radiating warmth and sight of the metallic globe sends an honest tingle over Rene's skin. As he comes into the room completely, he steps around to get a better look at the construct itself. "Two levers, a giant metal ball, and a bunch of panels. What I don't understand is why the computers seem to be powered down, but the rest of the place is apparently still working." He makes no move towards the levers nor the consoles, nor mentions his displeasure with the last of Ash's words.

Jackson climbs the ladder, too, head emerging through the hatch into the room before. "I don't know if anyone's ever told you, sir," he says, his voice still quiet, even, "but you really aren't funny."

"Jackson, please get down off the ladder. The fewer of us that get fried, if that's going to happen, the better." Warren calls. "And you're right about Asher's so-called sense of humor."
Asher moves over to one of the levers. "Dunno, I tend to tune out people's opinions when I just don't give a damn. Anyway, Jackson, down. You, Rene, move...On three, hit the lever. Let's do this so I can go get drunk and you all can stop having to listen to me, cause there's plenty more where that came from."

Rene passes the head popping through the hatch a look of 'get back down there', but he does nothing verbal until he looks back to Asher with a raised brow. "There is a fine line between tasteless and careless." Yeah. He's not sure he likes Asher much at all, but he concedes on the matter of the levers and steps tentatively closer to the orb and the top of the cable. "I take it that nobody paid attention to what I said, either. If this burns us all because we failed to turn the computers back on or something to that effect, I am going to kick your ass inside of the nether. It might just be continuing its job because it hasn't noticed the beings have died, even. That would be quite saddening..." Why yes, he is stalling. Just a touch.

Jackson climbs obediently back down and waits at the foot of the ladder, thumbs hooked into his back pockets and his head tilted back to look up at the hatch. He says nothing, but the worry is etched clearly on his face -- his fiance is up there! -- and his lips are moving once more in silent prayer.

"Rene, we could spend YEARS trying to make sense of the controls and get nowhere. Meanwhile the planet would be turning into a methane wasteland. Let's just do this and hope it works." Warren calls.

Asher positions himself by one lever and waits for Rene to get into position. "One..." He starts in a voice that denotes this is the time to stop all the whining and stalling and get prepared. "Two...three." On three he switches down the lever near him while tensing slightly in order to be able to bring up his shield in a moment's notice if necessary.

Rene adopts a similar stance as Asher begins to count, readying himself and his shields as three comes. His body puts a full effort into switching the lever at the same time, and silently he is hoping that this does not go from an adventure to a tragedy in a matter of seconds.
Jackson is silently hoping -- praying -- the same thing. His posture is tense and his eyes alert as he listens to Asher's counting. Listens, and waits.

The levers groan as they are pulled, then there's a click and the room shakes. There is a sudden rush of air as the cable drops out of the bottom of the sphere, leaving a tunnel that leads all the way back out to the open air. The white lights in the room turn a sickly orange and a sound echoes through the rooms and corridors. It sounds like some kind of warbling, a pre-recorded warning in an alien tongue. Everything starts to feel lighter, and the ceiling seems nearer. The Xenoformer is falling.

"Shit!" Warren bellowed when the lights changed and the recording starts. He can feel the Xeno starting to go, and does the only thing he can think of ... grabs at Jackson and bolts out of the room, body twisting as he gets airborne in the cramped quarters. Tight-tight fit and it's taking every ounce of concentration and coordination Warren's developed learning to fly in close quarters to get through without getting seriously hurt but he's DEFINITELY going to have some bruises on his wings when this is over. Doesn't matter if they get clear. NOW

"Shit!" Warren bellowed when the lights changed and the recording starts. He can feel the Xeno starting to go, and does the only thing he can think of ... grabs at Jackson and pushes him towards the hole the cable left. "Go. Now! Rene! Asher, get your asses down here! The damn thing's going down!" And then he's scrambling for the hole himself.

Asher feels the ship begin to shift and has the same general idea as Warren. He clamors toward the opening that the cable left and perches himself near the edge of it. He is going to allow Rene to exit first. "Everybody out of the pool. Come on, you heard the man, move it." Once Rene is out, he jumps down as well, using his powers to allow for smooth landing.

Rene is right behind everyone else on the way out, his ears absorbing that warble of a recording. Despite the imminent danger, he can't help but think back to the pods and their contents again. The air seems to catch him as he slips down out of the gaping hole behind Angel and Jackson and into the air, tossing a look over his shoulder to make sure Asher is behind them as well.

Jackson hesitates at the edge of the hole, only jumping through once he's made sure Rene is following. As the only member of the party who can't keep himself in the air, it's a bit of a leap of faith for him as he jumps through the hole. His eyes squeeze shut. He doesn't particularly want to look at the ground.

As the four exit through the cable's tunnel, there is a rush of heat behind them. A thunderous boom heralds the meeting between the Xenoformer and the Earth. The lower parts of it plow into the ground, throwing up dirt and stone in all directions. Furious white light glows from the cracks in the plating and smoke rises from the top. It was already known that the drones burned out their insides upon being disabled. Apparently the big ones do, too. Out in the sky above the craft, Trisha may be sighted zooming off on her hoverboard. She made it just in time. Angel, Asher, Rene and Jackson are all free from the craft moments before impact. Fortunately, the greatest of their worries right now may be mere clods of dirt thrown up from the crash.

Warren's wings shot open the second he was clear of the tunnel, and he dove to catch Jackson before climbing again, wings working overtime to get them clear of the danger zone. "If you can bring that shield of yours up, now's the time, Jackson!" He yells over the din of the Xeno crashing to earth.

Asher can't help but to look back and watch the thing crash to the ground. It was an impressive sight. Luckily, he can float backwards just as easy as forwards. He hovers, stabilizing himself against the blast of both air and the force of the dust so he's not pushed back further by it and with his shield up he simply waits for everything to settle again.

Rene follows in a swoop after Angel and Jackson, coasting in a small roll onto his back so that he can watch the Xenoformer plow into the Earth. Dirt everywhere, and heat in the air. It is indeed impressive as it falls, but somewhat saddening to Rene all the same. But perhaps now that they know what to do, whoever goes into the other ones can investigate the pods, panels, and likewise a touch more. Hopefully.

Jackson can and does bring the forcefield back, the shimmering light construction protecting Angel and himself from the debris of the crash. Their view of the toppling Xenoformer is filtered through a sheen of pale rainbow glow. Jackson's eyes are full of sadness as he watches it.

The massive alien craft grinds to a halt. About a fifth of it is buried in the ground. It's going to take a lot to get that out of there. The bright glow fades into darkness against the clear sky. Trails of dust and ash flow out on the hot air wafting out of the Xenoformer. This one is finished.

"One down, seventeen more to go." Warren says, sounding triumphant and grim at the same time. "And then we have the big mamas to deal with." But at least there was a glimmer of hope, now. "We need to get back and tell everyone."

Asher glides over to follow Angel and the others. Sad nothing, that was damn cool and Ash grins. "Well, I'm not flying all the way back, so I'll meet you back at the school then." He says before lowering himself to a landing near where he'd left his bike.

"Mhm." Rene's expression has morphed into a thoughtful one, and a bit sober. "Let us just hope that this one wasn't a fluke. Or had some luck to it. I'm wary of it being so easy." He speaks as he stays beside the winged man in the air. "Am I coming with you?"

Jackson doesn't speak. He just holds on to Warren, and watches the downed Xenoformer in silence.

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