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Posted by marvel_kevin on 2008.09.03 at 15:21
Hi everyone,

I know it's been forever since I've been around. Unfortunately, as you can probably tell I have to take a leave from Role playing indefinatly. As sad as it may be, rp was really the only fun and social interaction that I got on a daily basis so making the decision to leave it was really hard. I couldn't stick around on the game or anything because I know how I am and I would miss it too much and want to come back. I had to leave cold turkey. My apologies to anyone that my absence caused a problem for ICly. I miss you guys a whole, whole bunch..this game is great! I hope to maybe come back one day.

In the meantime, I'm providing these escapes for my characters, unless for Kevin there's another player taken him over.

Kevin: Still unable to deal with all the loses, Kevin has left the school indefinatly. So for the time being he's run away to who-knows-where.

Cole: After some traveling abroad with Warren during the summer, Cole wanted to go to a boarding school in Paris.

Emmett: The 'man' finally caught up with Em who was taken to live upstate in a nice but secure foster care.

Asher: After last term at the school, Ash took some time off to do some social advocacy abroad in various countries.

I love you all and miss you <3


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