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Posted by marvel_cerene on 2008.02.25 at 13:17
Internet's been cancelled by my grandparents. dont know when I'll be online or how long.

Internet Issues

Posted by marvel_sunset on 2008.02.23 at 09:47
My modem is on the freak out, so until it's fixed, I won't be on much. Save for the occasional use of my aunt's computer.

Posted by mmd_angel on 2008.02.19 at 18:51
 Warren now has a livejournal! PB is Gabriel Audrey (how's that for coincidences?) And some of the PB's have been photoshopped by the wondrous and wonderful Kaji.

Friend away!


New PB

Posted by marvel_euphoria on 2008.01.21 at 21:54
I've changed Jenny's PB to Sienna Miller (with short, pink hair).

If she's already taken, let me know!

Also, these new icons might not match up with my old entries.

I have to take an unexpected leave. Not sure when I'll be back. Feel free to assume Zachery's just plain disappeared overnight. Wouldn't be the first time, so no one would have to worry. Of course, I'd doubt Chloe wouldn't worry anyway.


New wolf on the block

Posted by marvel_thalin on 2008.01.04 at 04:15
Hey Everyone. New character. :D Alt of Kaji. You know the drill. Friend away!

Posted by marvel_cerene on 2008.01.01 at 04:54
Logan-player says his computer's keyboard is DOA, and he should have a new computer by the 7th. He misses y'all and'll be back as soon as possible.



Posted by marvel_canvas on 2007.11.24 at 17:12

With my internet having been out for a few days now (On a borrowed computer, at the moment.) and me having no way of knowing when it will be available again, don't expect to see me back on the MUCK for a while.

Friggin DSL.

Mischa, Hannibal Lecter

OOC Break

Posted by marvel_cerene on 2007.09.14 at 14:49
Current Mood: distresseddistressed
Due to RL drama involving my grandfather being terminally ill and dying, and crazy batshit relatives, chances are I won't be up to RPing evenings as often as I have in the past, or for as long as I have (no more 4-5am nights for me). If you need to contact me try aim/yahoo.

Downtime - 08/14/07

Posted by evrae_merle on 2007.08.14 at 18:57
Something seems to have happened with the server, as I can't bring up either the game or Ayoka's website.  I'll keep you guys updated as I can, but we'll have to wait for Ayoka to fix whatever's happened (or finish whatever he's doing).

-- Jewel

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