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Posted by marvel_kevin on 2008.09.03 at 15:21
Hi everyone,

I know it's been forever since I've been around. Unfortunately, as you can probably tell I have to take a leave from Role playing indefinatly. As sad as it may be, rp was really the only fun and social interaction that I got on a daily basis so making the decision to leave it was really hard. I couldn't stick around on the game or anything because I know how I am and I would miss it too much and want to come back. I had to leave cold turkey. My apologies to anyone that my absence caused a problem for ICly. I miss you guys a whole, whole bunch..this game is great! I hope to maybe come back one day.

In the meantime, I'm providing these escapes for my characters, unless for Kevin there's another player taken him over.

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I love you all and miss you <3


Posted by mmd_cody on 2008.06.08 at 14:09
Current Mood: blankblank
Due to a death in the family, I'll be taking a break from gaming for 1 week to a month.

So long, and goodnight

Posted by marvel_sunset on 2008.05.06 at 23:50
Well, it's been a fun ride people but it seems my ticket has expired. All my logs will be posted as soon as possible, along with last musings, words, and explanations as to what happens to my characters now.

It's been insanely awesome playing with you all, and I'll miss the game, and it's players.


One down, many more to go

Posted by hyperspace on 2008.03.27 at 17:03
A Xenoformer fallsCollapse )


New Tony!

Posted by marvel_tony on 2008.03.22 at 13:04
New Tony Stark is in the game as you all have probably noticed, friend me if you would, I'm a little slow with my lj at times.


Close Encounter in Westchester

Posted by hyperspace on 2008.03.18 at 22:37
'I'm sorry, alien droid, but this won't do. I have work to do.' [Stan]Collapse )


Los Angeles Excaliburs engage Alien Machines

Posted by hyperspace on 2008.03.17 at 21:36
Scanning from a distance, it has been found that the alien spires are affecting the atmosphere. In close proximity to the landing sites the oxygen content has dropped by 5% and plant life has deteriorated significantly. The mobile objects deployed by the spires have begun approaching inhabited areas...

Recovered from a video camera found at the siteCollapse )

Posted by marvel_cerene on 2008.03.15 at 13:39
Internet is down until Monday or possibly Wed.
RL has got me!

New Journal!

Posted by mmd_queen on 2008.03.15 at 08:26
Hey there guys. I finally got around to making an LJ for Emma.

So, friend her if you'd like.

- Emma's Player

Keep on ruuunnin&#39;

OOC note.

Posted by zacherymiller on 2008.03.02 at 20:45
It looks like I might be absent for a while again. This time, though, I leave you with IC notes to... Rene, Sunset, and Chloe.Collapse )

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